Our Advantage

Schecter Law Advantage

Our Mission Statement and Meticulous Approach to Litigation position us to provide exceptional litigation services to our clients.

Case strategies. Every case is strategized at the inception of our representation. The case strategies are continuously refined and reevaluated at every stage so as to never lose sight of the end goal. Click here to see a sample case strategy.

+ details. Developing an effective case strategy means that no facts are unimportant. Our first step with every litigation file is to develop a chronology that is linked to all of the operative documents in your case. Click here to see a sample chronology.

+ teamwork. We use the team approach with every case. The unparalleled individual commitment of each team member to the task at hand is what makes our team work.

+ tenacity. Our tenacity as litigators is apparent inside and outside the courtroom. We are fully-engaged in your case.

+ technology. Always one step ahead of the rest. We use technology to maximize our performance and increase efficiency.

+ clients first. Always. Our practice is to keep clients informed and involved. You always have access to the partner, and our lines of communication are always open to you.